Fabio Bressanello is a Burano-born professional photographer who owns a renowned photo gallery in Venice Dorsoduro, by the Ponte dei Pugni, the Bressanello Art Studio Venezia. When I asked him why he likes to photograph Venice in black and white, he said that it elicits more emotion; black and white photos have a poetic, nostalgic side, and thus they reflect his personality more. Bressanello, who leads photos walks in little-known Venetian location, says he is generally spontaneous in his creative process, going out to photograph when he feels like it or when the conditions are right – such as in the case of last winter’s snowfall: he went out to photograph the snow, and as he was standing near Santa Maria della Salute, a lone man wearing a tabarro, a thick coat worn in Venice in the 18th century, walked by. Bressanello wasn’t there expecting him, but, when he walked into the frame, it created a perfect scene.

Silvia Donati for Italy Magazine
Why Venice is Better in Black and White

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